Chubby chasers dating sites quotes on dating bad men

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Make themselves better females for us, the better males.

I was intrigued by the money, and how badly I wanted a car [laughs]. But I got my car and introduction to the adult industry.

And so they end up getting overweight and out of shape.

Now, love is blind but that doesn’t mean attraction is.• They wear flip-flops ALL THE TIME! No clue why women think it’s cute or sexy but trust me, if you’re not at the beach, pool or in your home they ARE NOT cute fun or sexy.• They seem to be stuck on their phones 24/7.

Without skipping a beat, this hot Asian cutie is giving Nick a succulent blowjob, topless of course!

These magazines are simply there to grab women in and make money off of them. We’ve learned this since birth but somehow American women missed that entire memo.• They can’t cook.

All men are capable of that and are willing but if women are JUST chasing the outside (like American women do) then you’re going to get a shallow hollow man.

And they don’t care because “He’s good looking”Now not ALL women are the same and not ALL women are this awful, but in general American women seem to have all of these flaws and more.

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This is probably a question we have all had in our heads at one time or another. Well…• For starters they tend NOT to take care of themselves very well.

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Which they have successfully done but they’ve also successfully turned potentially smart women into morons.• They wear PJs in public. Haven’t they ever heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

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