Arya and pooja dating sites

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Arya and pooja dating sites

She says “as a kid I grew up in Sikkim and Delhi and all our summer vacations used to be spent in my village Dhaura, Uttrakhand.

We had to walk and walk for hours to reach our home in Dhaura(there were no roads), It was our favorite game to race and reach home first.

Soon she becomes another victim of Thandavan's cruelty.

I was thinking of giving him some cookies from my bag but then he mentioned about the pepper spray they use on the police at night.It cannot be called violent; the word 'brutal' has to be repeated often to describe the movie.Pooja Aarya was born with the love for being lost, especially in mountains.Summing up, Naan Kadavul is not a movie that everyone can digest.It shows reality in such brutality that you wonder whether such things really do happen.

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ARYA's dedication in the movie will make his carrier to look back..has set a standards which other have to follow..ilayaraja has again gave a evergreen memories with his excellent music.has done magics with the background score..