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A canonical precept, when employed, must be delivered in the presence of the vicar general or two others as witnesses (Cum magnopere, VII).

Ecclesiastical documents are attested or witnessed as circumstances require, e.g., by the chancellor, clerk of the court, prothonotary apostolic .

A witness is more easily admitted in favour of a person than against him, and in civil than in criminal trials. Hence, those who are engaged in a similar cause, a judge who has adjudicated a like case, etc. False witnesses are those who under oath prevaricate or conceal the truth that they are bound to tell: they are guilty of perjury, and if convicted are infamous in law.

Notaries or others by altering or falsifying documents substantially become guilty of forgery.

When I was a senior Naval officer I was constantly thinking strategically about world defense, security and the global economy.Clerics, unless compelled by civil authorities, are not allowed to testify against the accused when sentence of death is to be imposed (see IRREGULARITY).There are many exceptions to these general statements.In case either or both parties are unable for any cause to write, an additional witness is necessary.Catholics are incapable of entering into lawful wedlock ("Ne temere") except in the presence of a parish priest, or ordinary, or other priest duly delegated, and two witnesses.

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The essential qualifications of a witness are knowledge of the fact at issue and truthfulness: he must be an eye-witness and trustworthy.

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